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A new version of a tool has been launched that is efficient enough to free up space on the hard drive, due to its search capabilities, it can also maintain the privacy of important information, in all the information invited to download the R-Tube.

Using R-Delete

Using R-Delete


Developer: R Tool Tools

License: ShareWare

Language: English version of Russian Dinis124 (under provider)

Size: 22 19 MB

OS: Windows

OS: Windows

How to install:

1) Instructions are included, if necessary.

2) that’s it, done

R-Cleaning is a complete solution for R-tools to remove useless files and maintain the privacy of your computer. Completely erase personal records of your online and offline activities, such as temporary web files, history, cookies, complete forms and passwords, swap files, recently opened directory lists, Explorer MRU lists (recently used files), temporary files and signatures from over 300 applications, freeing up disk space. The service deletes unused files and disk space using fast or secure algorithms. All files and folders can be included in exclusion lists in an order. Supports FAT and NTFS file systems. You can combine different functions to remove and clean and start removing immediately, or install them to start removing processes as a natural task for defined times or events.

The new R-Wipe Cleaner is compatible with Windows 10 and 8, eliminates the effect of more than 600 third-party applications, including Microsoft Office 2016 and Skype (!), And is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer , Mozilla / Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Flock, Netscape, AOL, MSN, Google Chrome, SeaMonkey, BT Yahoo !, Konquark and K-Meleon and Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! And MSN.


– The following items have been added to the Web (Skype) tab: Business consulting data, emoticon cache, internal database, media transfer cache, embedded emoticon information, archived file transfer information, file transfer information media.

– New product update keys are added to the Microsoft OneDrive tab in the Applications section.

– The product of the published URLs is added to the Web Part (Microsoft Edge).

– New elements were added to the System section: Independent service registry, Application distribution service and Administrator registry, Image configuration registry.

– Four items have been added to the Web Configuration tab: Delta Package Expander configuration files, driver installation log files, community security management files, configuration files.

– Metro / Universal programs can remove and clean file conversion.

– Full support for Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser.

– 2 new functions have been added to the web section (Google Chrome): web application system files and Google Cloud monitoring methods.

– 7 new items have been added to the software data section: Windows activity logs, Windows intelligence logs, data protection gatewayWindows web, Windows Defender scan results, Windows Defender scan results, Windows Defender WPP logs.

– iCloud has been added to the tracking application section

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