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An NYPD officer is trying to rescue his wife and several others who were taken hostages by German terrorists during a Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles.
John McTiernan Authors:
Roderick Thorp (novel), Jeb Stuart (screenshot) New York City official John McClane goes on a Christmas vacation to visit his wife Holly in Los Angeles where he works for the Nakatomi Corporation. While at Nakatomi headquarters at a Christmas party, a group of robbers led by Hans Gruber take control of the building and hold all the hostages except John as they plan to commit a profitable robbery. Unable to escape even without a direct police response, John is forced to take matters into his own hands.

John McClane tries to avoid disasters while fraudulent military operations control Washington Dulles International Airport, director:
Renny Harlin Authors:
Steven E. de Souza (screen door), Doug Richardson (screen shot door) After the dreadful events in LA, John McClane (Willis) will soon get through it all. A team of terrorists, led by Colonel Stuart (Sadler), hold the entire airport hostage. Terrorists plan to save the drug lord from justice. To do so, they took control of their electrical equipment, which affected all aircraft. With no aircraft lights available, all aircraft must remain in the air, with scarce fuel, McClane will have to be fast.

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