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Free to Dance Dance Fans of Night Funkin have something to look forward to. VS Hex Mod – Funkin Friday night is suitable for other Funkin Friday night mods, WHITTY FULL WEEK. With this style you are up against Hex. He has a basketball robot that challenges you with 4 rounds of boxing. This mode provides a full week or song level and 1 additional week for a total of 5 units; Ah, Hex no! Friday Night Funkin ’, a musical theme inspired by PaRappa the Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution, has a completely renewed new style. Hex Mode is a Friday night Funkin mode available as an extra week. The game opens with Lover and Lover talking about their fight with Witty until they are interrupted by Hex. Since Boy Doesn’t Play Basketball, Hex takes him to an epic; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); You must use WASD or the arrow keys to align each floating arrow as close as possible. The meter at the bottom of the screen will determine the result of each round. The meter has the ability to switch left or right. When you win, you go to the left, and when you lose, you go to the right. Depending on how well you do, the counter will turn green or you can play the game in one of 3 modes: easy, medium and hard. Unlike Whitty, Hex isn’t too complicated, so sorry more for users who don’t know the type of dance game. However, there is 1 song very fast. After Hex and Boyfriend defeat them, Hex is infected with a computer virus. The couple needs to deal with the virus; FNF Ways for New Avid Fans Friday Night Funkin must try Hex mode. Easier to solve than other Funkin modes on Friday night, but it will still challenge your accuracy and speed. Adding cutscenes and conversations yields more knowledge than what you see on the screen. This makes the game even more interesting because you and the character know what goes beyond the competition.

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