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Mocha Pro is a world-renowned program for planning, rotoscopy, object removal, stabilization and network monitoring. Important to VFKS and post-production, Mocha was awarded by the Academy and an Emmy for his contributions to the film and television industry.


Elements of efficiency, speed

– Apple M1 support speeds up the performance of new Mac hardware

– Adobe MFR support – Delivering projects with multiple AEs

– VFKS 2021 platform with excellent color management

– PowerMesh Insert: Improved workflow for curved surface composition

– The new program tracking features provide state-of-the-art dream tracking and results

– New delivery of Nuke, Silhouette, Alembica and Mystic.

Insert the PowerMesh module

The enhanced Insert module has a distorted surface composition powered by PowerMesh monitoring for a new coordinated workflow. Now web tracking can be made free with the fog! The new workflow provides monitored composition for editors such as Premiere, VEGAS, and Media Composer. Follow simple pairing steps in one AE effect without pre-compression! Includes 12 new hybrid modes, improved display quality, motion fog, and a new Grid Warp interface to twist / distort source elements.

Improved workflow monitoring

– New! RGB channel monitoring and RGB viewer control

– New! Multi-link queues and network tracking for scheduled queues of tracks

– Upgraded! Fast browser stabilization per layer to improve rotation efficiency

– Upgraded! Dopesheet for keyframe editing, scrolling and navigation

– Improved Rot delivery for Nuke and Silhouette with split track and main spline frames

– New delivery! PowerMesh on Nuke Tracker and PowerMesh on Alembic are changing.

More reliable control

Rock’s consistent layout is at the core of all Mocha Pro modules. VFKS artists turn to Moch for ease of use and reliability when confronted with more complex images. Mocha can be used in various ways, so use it as an add-on or as an add-on on your favorite host server. Mocha Pro can export tracking, flash shapes, lens settings and 3D data in various formats, or transfer files or restore files to the host.


PowerMesh facilitates the dynamic process of suboptical visual effects tracking and visual recognition. Now Mocha Pro can track curved faces and animated objects, making them more dynamic with matching patterns and digital beauty images.

PowerMesh is easier to use and faster than most basic optical flow techniques.

– Provide PowerMesh managed entries as composite or RGBA cutters.

– Provide Reverse Warp / Stable Displays with High Quality Color and VFKS Features.

– Use PowerMesh to start Roto shapes using small button frames.

– Scroll vertically to After Effects Nulls, Nuke Tracking or Alembic for Flame, C4D and more 3D support.

Roto with an important frame below

Mochas Workflow includes spline tracking tools to speed up shape creation and minimize manual buttons. Download or report the most popular applications. X-splines and Bezier connect using magnetic linesblades with the Area Brush tool that helps you create deep frame shapes without the need for drawing skills. PowerMesh curves give the most accurate results when concealing moving organic matter such as muscles, skin, tissues, and more.

Remove items and wires

Remove unwanted objects, wires, pipes, trackers and 360 cameras. Make clean dishes to save time. The Delete module is an amazing alternative to traditional removal techniques. It automatically detects a clean timeframe for joining and resizing with little user input. It’s like being aware of the steroid content!

Go to the screen and slide the match

Provide accurate on-screen movements and inputs in the event of fog or distortion in real life. The Insert module can now be powered by PowerMesh and has an improved composition using high quality small samples and hybrid modes. The redesigned Mesh tool can be used to bend and turn off insertion of elements to fit curved and distorted surfaces. Burn-in also combines with the lens module to realize VFKS in distorted lens images.

Check the movement or object of the camera

The enhancement module can block or stabilize the camera movement depending on the selected tracking layers. Upload improved tracking data or provide enhanced images. When the PowerMesh monitor is turned on, the expansion module can provide a flexible surface for color correction. The original movement can be easily transferred back to the original. For general editing, the soft options and optional anchor boxes help reduce high-frequency streams while maintaining the natural movement of the camera. Improved central images, scales, or plants based on user-driven tracking.

You are working with lens distortion

The lens module provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for correcting distortions caused by camera lenses. Eliminate lens distortions or compare them with the actual composition. Lens recovery data can also be exported to a Nukes STMap node or other VFKS applications. 360 / VR: Simplified Undistort / Distort workflow simplifies cleaning of mono or stereo rectangular images.

Operating System: Win7 +



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